Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Vacation!!! Part Two!

Joanna in Kirtland, Ohio.

Eric and Cecily in Kirtland, Ohio.

This was a baby cradle with a lead bottle in it! Talk about lead poisoning! Plus, how would a baby hold such a heavy bottle. Thank goodness for the plastic and glass bottles that we have today!

Niagara Falls, you can see that there was still a lot of ice.

The top of Niagara Falls. It was hard to take pictures because the mist was raining on me like little pellets of ice!

Family Vacation!!! Part One

We just got back from a family vacation back east. We began in Niagara Falls, Canada, and went through Palmyra, NY, Pennsylvania, and Kirtland, Ohio.

Mom wanted a picture of the three moms-to-be!

Cecily and Ryan know that they are having a girl, we found this flower at a bookstore for them to pose with!

Ginger having a good time on the bus!

Mark getting ready to put his hood up! It was cold!

Mom by the Kirtland Temple in Ohio.