Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Is The Place Heritage Park

Cecily, Beckett, and I went to This Is The Place Heritage Park this weekend.  This is "Digger" teaching Beckett how to pan for gold!

"Digger" gave Beckett payment of a sucker and a butterscotch disk for the gold he found!

Beckett found some gold in the river!


It was a little cold, but it warmed up!

 I love this pic! Beckett is so silly!

 They let you do pioneer chores. Here is Beckett beating the dirt out of a rug!

 Beckett found a train to play on!

 Choo Choo!

 This is right before Beckett decided that it would be a good idea to eat rocks.  Yucky!

Beckett loved the train ride!

He always tries to look around the camera to see me! :)  We had a lot of fun at the park!