Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beckett visits Great Grandma Buhler's house

Great Uncle Ross came to say hi to Beckett, and Great Grandma Buhler was happy to hold Beckett.

Great Grandma Buhler read Beckett's shirt. "Pinch me! I'm cute!" She said, "I would never pinch you! But you sure are cute!"

Great Aunt Judith with baby Beckett.

Great Grandma Buhler loves babies, and she had so much fun holding Beckett.

Beckett was happy to see his great grandma.


Christine said...

I'm glad you captured the moment with Ross & Grandma. That was so cute how Beckett started gooing at Ross & then Grandma started laughing!

Cecily said...

I think mom meant to say "cooing". I could be wrong, lol. That was fun visiting with Grandma and Aunt Judith. It was fun seeing you too, Des. Love you lots!

Jacob said...

Your grandma looks so happy!