Friday, August 6, 2010

Beckett's second hair cut!

I went over to visit Cecily and Beckett yesterday.  Beckett can even say my name! Well, almost.  He calls me Des or Deser sometimes.  Deser is so cute! Lol.

 This is the before picture.

This is Beckett wearing Ryan's first pair of shoes!

We had to wash all the extra hair off of Beckett after his hair cut! I couldn't get any pics of the haircut because he didn't like it very much, so I had to hold him while Cecily cut his hair.

This is the after pic.  He almost looks bald, but he isn't, his hair is just so light! Anyway, I had a fun visit!


Christine said...

He's so cute in Ryan's shoes! It does look like he's bald. Can't wait to see him!

Barry said...

I like "Deser" too. How cute. Thanks for the story and the pics!

Cecily said...

haha, Beckett looks very unhappy about his new haircut!! haha