Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy first Birthday Alexis and Max!

Max had a cool guitar cake!
Alexis had a delicious carrot cake! Love the butterflies!

Alexis was happy with her presents :)

Max loved his cake!
Alexis playing on Gigi's pool
Lol. Alexis' face is so funny!
Beckett had tons of fun in the pool with the balls! It just doesn't look that way from this picture...
Where did Max go?
He was hiding under the birthday quilt that I made for him!

Alexis loved her birthday quilt too!

Yay! It was a great party, and I was happy that I could make it! I love you Alexis and Max!!!!


Hen said...

I love the quilt you made for Max! I've been trying to think of a design for one for Isaac's birthday. I love the colors you used!

Liz said...

I love that guitar cake! Way cool. :) Your quilts are awesome... makes me want to sew more.

Joanna and Eric said...

We love the quilt you made, too! Thanks for coming and thanks for the awesome presents!

Cecily said...

Cute pics, Des! It was a fun birthday party!

Christine said...

Such great presents for their 1st Birthdays! Beautiful Quilts that took a lot of time!

an encourager said...

Awww.darling!!! Fun cake!!!!